30 Jun.

Catch my session at WPC 2014 about keeping customers current

Like my colleague Mark O’Shea I too will be speaking at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) 2014 about… you guessed it: Office 365!

Actually the content won’t just be about Office 365 – it’ll be about cloud in general, of which Office 365 in my area is a big part.

The code for the session is CL203 and will be in room 154AB on Wednesday the 16th of July from 1-2pm.

I hope to see you there!

 7 May.

Cowardice and trolling

I welcome comments on my blog posts, and am happy to have spirited conversations with those who may disagree with my opinions – at the end of the day we’re entitled to our opinions.

Comments on this blog site require approval before they are visible, and yesterday I was glad that this setting was enabled as someone left this comment on my thread about Exchange Online backups:

We live in the age of the Internet where trolls exist and harass people in comment areas of blog sites, Twitter and any other form of communicate that doesn’t require face to face confrontation.

This particular comment doesn’t bother me, it more so surprised me that someone would be so bold and direct – yet so cowardly that they used a fake email address.

Whoever this person is, I’d appreciate you make a comment on this blog with your communication details so we can talk directly and you can tell me why such a direct and vulgar comment was worthy of being posted. I can assure that nobody will see your details as the comment requires my approval before being visible.

Own up to your comment or keep to your corner and continue being a coward.