9 Dec.

Office 365 to be hosted in Australia in early 2015

This morning Microsoft released their plans to make Office 365 and Dynamics CRM available from Australian datacentres. This follows the same pattern as in Japan recently – where an Azure datacentre was lit up and not long afterwards a similar announcement was made.

You can read the press release here: http://www.microsoft.com/en-au/news/locallyhostedO365andCRM.aspx

Having Office 365 hosted locally is an exciting step as there are still many businesses, organisations and government agencies not ready to move to the platform due to data sovereignty or latency reasons. With the news that Office 365 will be hosted onshore by the end of March 2015 the lists of reasons gets even smaller.

 8 Dec.

A great guide on switching from Exchange distribution lists to Yammer groups

My fellow Office 365 MVP and friend (and someone with a much more level head than I) has done a great blog post comparing Yammer to Exchange distribution lists and walking you through how to make changes or perform functions to make Yammer work the way you are comfortable with.

As a person who loves to email, and loves distribution lists – I have done exactly these steps within most of the networks on Yammer I belong to. I strongly suggest if you want to stay working with distribution lists the way you do now but are being moved to Yammer – follow this article.