Through 2011 Microsoft made several price cuts to its Windows Azure and SQL Azure platforms – highlighting that the more people buy something the cheaper it becomes.
The cuts came in all forms from raw storage, compute power, and even giving more free services for existing subscriptions.

Recently I blogged about the free Windows Server license being supplied by Amazon.
Just two days ago Amazon announced that since Feburary 1 they have reduces prices for S3 standard storage.
You can read more on the Amazon Web Services blog.

In case you haven’t noticed, I really find developments like this by cloud providers to be an exciting thing.
The late adopters really stand a lot to gain due to the faith and takeup of the early adopters, and this really speaks volumes to the question I get from a lot of customers about “what’s to stop the price from going up in the future?”. This is another case in point about the price going down.

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