It appears that overnight Microsoft has made some changes to the Microsoft Online Portal interface for Office 365 – predominantly around the way it handles domain name verification and configuration.

While customers on the Professionals and Small Business plans (P1) have had this interface for some time this is new to Enterprise customers, and also includes new functionality which I will cover at the end of this post.


This is first visible in the status screen being different:

What we see now is that the domain shows as “Setup in progress” instead of “Click here to verify”.

When clicking on the relevant domain setup link you are now taken to a wizard. I won’t cover them all as they are fairly simple, however it’s the last few screens that please me the most:

As you can see the information on the screens are starting to get more specific:

The next screen looks fairly similar to before, except for a couple of small additions at the bottom:

When pressing Done, go check we now see results of the DNS tests:

This is the same functionality I have been offering in my system for the past 6 or so months (and is now no longer required).


The additional DNS checking will be great for customers and doesn’t stop them from using the domain for mailboxes while DNS records are updated.


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