20 Feb.

Access the previous way to manage domains in Office 365

If like me you are not a fan of the new way that Office 365 manages domain names (which I wrote about in a recent blog post) – I have some good news!

Simply log in to the Windows Azure Active Directory portal at http://activedirectory.windowsazure.com and add your domain there.

For those who work with Office 365 regularly you will appreciate the “classic” interface as the new wizard-driven interface can be quite frustrating.

To compare in Windows Azure:


Against Office 365:


Why does this matter? My production domain is paradyne.com.au. Seeing it show “Setup in progress” could be concerning for me as a customer. I much prefer to see that it is simply “Verified” – that’s all I need to know!

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  1. […] Office 365 goes Windows Azure Active Directory. Seit kurzem ist die Domainvalidierung etwas anders gestaltet als bisher: über eine Assistentensteuerung werden Domains hinzugefügt und danach validiert. Mein MVP Kollege Loryan Strant hat darüber bereits berichtet: Changes to Domain Management und Previous ways to access…. […]

  2. Trevor says:

    I just found something interesting. In Office 365, you can add subdomains, such as subdomain.domain.com. However, in the Azure AD portal it will only let you add second level domains, such as domain.com.

    • Loryan Strant says:

      Good find Trevor, thanks for sharing! I’ll be doing a post on that topic soon, will let you know when it’s available.

  3. Helinton says:

    If you want to try the new look for Microsoft Cloud solutions login page go to: http://login.microsoftonline.com/optin.srf

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