29 Jul.

Surface Pro 3 as my desktop

Over a year ago I wrote a blog post about using a Surface Pro as my desktop.

While the Surface Pro remained my desktop device I often found myself not wanting to use it as a tablet due to its thickness and weight. For basic couch-based browsing or e-book reading I opted to use my spare Surface RT.

Effectively my Surface Pro was really no better than the average notebook except the fact that I *could* use it as a tablet.

A few weeks ago while in the US for the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference I upgraded to a Surface Pro 3 (as well as bringing several more home for my colleagues). The device is much thinner and lighter than the Pro 1 or Pro 2 and as such I’m not quite happy to use it as my tablet. Also with the battery life being greatly improved I have no issue with it running all evening on the couch.

Interestingly a few people I know asked if I used my Surface Pro as a complete desktop replacement. I had to direct them to the blog entry mentioned above – as absolutely was it my desktop device.

With the Surface Pro 3 absolutely nothing has changed. It is plugged into exactly the same hardware, running relatively the same software, but is just a lot faster and can handle more running at the same time! (I opted for the i5/8GB RAM model.)

The only thing I’ve changed about my setup is the layout of the monitors to utilise the Surface’s now larger screen (whereas previously when in desktop mode I didn’t bother using the screen other than for the Start menu).

So what’s the takeaway here? The Surface Pro 3 is truly a single device for both business productivity and consumption, professional and personal, desktop and tablet.

 30 Jun.

Catch my session at WPC 2014 about keeping customers current

Like my colleague Mark O’Shea I too will be speaking at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) 2014 about… you guessed it: Office 365!

Actually the content won’t just be about Office 365 – it’ll be about cloud in general, of which Office 365 in my area is a big part.

The code for the session is CL203 and will be in room 154AB on Wednesday the 16th of July from 1-2pm.

I hope to see you there!