28 Jul.

I’m speaking at the Law Institute of Victoria

In late August I will have the privilege of speaking at the Law Institute of Victoria about cloud computing and what it means to the legal industry.

At Paradyne we’ve helped a number of legal firms ranging in sizes get to cloud services like Office 365 and Azure. The nature of the legal industry, similar to health and public sector, means they deal with a lot of confidential information and as such have more often than not been hesitant to move to the cloud.

If you know of any lawyers or legal firms in Victoria (Australia) that would find this session useful, please direct them to this link:


 23 Jul.

Windows 10 + Office 365

The title is slightly misleading, as the reality is more like Windows 10 + Azure Active Directory as that is the underlying identity platform that powers Office 365.

The Microsoft cloud + device story is really coming together nicely.

Using my Surface Pro 3 with Windows 10 installed and enrolled in our Azure Active Directory, when I try connect to Office 365 services using the Edge browser I am greeted with this nice interface:


All this leads towards a great user experience and is just one of the few (albeit big) reasons people *should* be rushing out to upgrade to Windows 10.