It’s a cloud service – honest!

Anyone can run a “cloud” service – really. People have been running “cloud” services for a long time, before marketing got hold of the term.
If I want to be pedantic about it – when I remotely access the media stored on my home server you could say I’m accessing a content from the “cloud”.

So let’s be a bit more picky about what we call a “cloud” service. Have a read of my latest rant piece on BoxFreeIT:

If you want a great listing of attributes that cloud services should aspire to, have a look at Andy Milroy’s blog post (it’s a good one for “cloud” provides to benchmark themselves against): 16 Key Attributes of Cloud Computing

Don’t you… forget about My Site!

Being a user of SharePoint since it was a version 1 release I’ve been quite excited by the My Site functionality in SharePoint Server 2010.

When people talk about the storage in SharePoint Online as part of Office 365 most people forget to mention that each user (on one of the Enterprise plans) gets a 500MB My Site for storing files (as well as the fantastic social features).

You can read more about this in my latest write-up on BoxFreeIT: