What does Microsoft’s technology convergence mean for its partners?

In 2015 Office 365, Azure Active Directory and Windows 10 converged which meant that in the same conversation you could talk about desktop deployment & experience, identity management, and productivity.

Flash foward only two years later and we’ve seen some amazing advances within Office 365, several releases to Windows 10, and a lot more functionality added to Azure Active Directory. Beyond that we’ve seen mixed reality, bots and machine learning, IoT, and now quantum computing come into the same conversation.

In a guest post for the Microsoft Partner Network blog I talk about what this technology convergence means for businesses, and Microsoft partners.

Let’s connect at Microsoft Summit Sydney!

If you’re planning on attending Microsoft Summit in Sydney between the 14-17 there’s a couple of ways you can catch me.

During the Partner Summit (Tuesday & Wednesday) I’ll be at the Exclaimer booth chatting with partners and demonstrating how they can improve their customer email experience and make some money along the way. I’ll be there the whole two days so if you’re around come past!



During the Tech Summit (Thursday & Friday) I’ll be delivering a couple of sessions:

– An overview of Microsoft Teams architecture, including security & compliance features (this is a session from Ignite 2017 that I’ll be delivering on behalf of Microsoft)

– Groups & Teams: Friend or foe (this is my own session from Ignite 2017 that was very positively reviewed)


Outside of those two sessions you’ll be able to find me either at the Exclaimer or Microsoft Teams booths. If you can’t find me, send me a tweet to @LoryanStrant and we’ll locate each other!

I won’t be there on the Friday, as I’m going camping and will be offline. 🙂

Let’s connect!