Digital transformation, schmigital transformation

I recently wrote a blunt guest commentary for CRN Magazine in Australia on the current popularity around “digital transformation”.

It’s the current buzz word that partners are leaping onto the bandwagon and using all kinds of monikers to differentiate themselves including terms like “productivity transformation”, “business transformation”, “digital workflow”, “digital collaboration”, “digital workspace”, and any other variation. (Is this a digital blog?) 

That’s not to say we can’t use those words, but before jumping onto the bandwagon as people tend to do to say they “do” the current fad, I think partners really need to have a think about what it is they do and where they fit in part of the digital transformation landscape – and are they just a supplier of goods & services that support it, or an actual part of the conversation.

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Re-awarded MVP for the 7th year!

I’m excited to be recognised for the 7th year in a row by Microsoft as a Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in the category of “Office Servers and Services” for my contributions in the area of Office 365 – something I’m very passionate about.

Recently I made a change to move from the selling side of Office 365 and more to working with people and organisations. This has exposed me to a lot more beyond the sale and implementation project, and so instead of talking about how things “should be” I will be able to share more in-depth insights and experiences with the community on how to work with Office 365 after is embedded in organisations.

Watch this space!