My AvePoint blog post about Office 365 Groups vs Microsoft Teams

There’s still a lot of confusion around Office 365 Groups and how they work with Microsoft Teams, so I’ve partnered with the team at AvePoint to write a post about how they work together.

The post covers confusion around product names, integrations, and scenarios where users would find challenges around creating both of them.

The AvePoint team also created a great infographic covering the 4 considerations before rolling out Microsoft Teams.

Check it out here!

The Office 365 Good Etiquette Guide has launched!

Back in July 2016 I wrote about the upcoming Office 365 Good Etiquette Guide and indicated it would be published by the end of August. That timeframe came and went while I kept creating content and mulled options about the best way of publishing the guide and keeping it up to date.

At the start of 2017 I chose to release the guide as a publication on Medium as it allowed for easy access to individual content, add opinions & commentary, sharing, as well the ability to subscribe and follow it for new posts and updates.

With 20 posts so far published and 14 more scheduled for publication there’s a lot of content around emails, meetings, and instant messaging.

Soon there will also be some posts around social networking, Teams, file sharing and collaboration, and more.

You can check out the guide here at Please make sure you like, comment, share, and even feel free to suggest ideas!