Here you will find a collection of whitepapers I have written on behalf of Paradyne, myself or others.

Name Description
Identity Management in the Cloud Era Looks at the prevalence of cloud technologies in todays business and what organisations can do to manage the identities required across the various platforms and solutions. Compares the out-of-the-box solutions from Microsoft, competitive solutions, and ultimately where Centrify fits in.
NOTE: This whitepaper was sponsored by Centrify
Integrating Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) with Office 365 through IaaS Discusses the view around organisations moving more workloads to the cloud such as messaging and collaboration with Office 365, however identity management may require an increased investment in on-premises infrastructure to satisfy this. This whitepaper examines the potential of putting this into IaaS solutions such as Windows Azure.
Deciding on the Best Email Archiving and eDiscovery solution for Microsoft Office 365 Compares Microsoft Exchange Online Archiving and Symantec Enterprise Vault.cloud as potential archival and eDiscovery solutions for organisations utilising Exchange Online.
NOTE: This whitepaper was sponsored by Symantec and is very out of date

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